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Ensuring wireless connectivity is difficult without the right tools

Loss of mobility

Improper planning by network administrators can severely affect connectivity for today's mobile workforce.

BYOD policies

Troubleshooting performance issues caused by diverse set of devices on wireless networks can be difficult without user policies.

Unsupervised devices

Rogue devices accessing the wireless network can affect internal services and security.

Monitor Wi-Fi network to analyze performance

  1. Easily discover and monitor wireless access points

    Once the network discovery process is completed, automatically discover wireless access points and controllers as wireless devices with the wifi analyzer in SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor. SolarWinds network monitoring software helps categorize and recognize all wireless devices available in your network.

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  2. Build wireless heat maps

    Visualizing wireless coverage makes it easy to identify dead zones, make adjustments, and improve coverage. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor's built-in Network Atlas™ helps you create Wi-Fi heat maps and locate all connected clients. Network Performance Monitor's wi-fi monitor uses the information from wireless APs, connected clients, and their signal strengths per AP in order to create a heat map.

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  3. Manage and monitor Wi-Fi infrastructure

    Periodically poll thin and autonomous wireless access points, controllers, and connected devices. With SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor's wi-fi monitoring, you can alert, monitor, and report on details including IP address, device type, SSID, channels used, and the number of clients currently connected. Client details include client name, SSID, IP Address, MAC Address, Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI), time connected, data rate, and bytes received and bytes transmitted.

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Problems that used to take hours or even days to identify and resolve now typically take only a few minutes. SolarWinds takes the guesswork out of our troubleshooting."

Jonathan Smith

IT Specialist at Health Care Agency

Fix Wi-Fi issues and more

Network Performance Monitor Starts at $2895

  • Monitors and displays response time, availability, and performance of network devices
  • Analyzes user quality of experience using deep packet inspection and analysis
  • Improves operational efficiency with out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, and reports

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Fully functional for 30 days

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