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A flood of useless network alerts prevents you from focusing on the real issues.

Network alert overload

Unnecessary notifications from hundreds of devices behind a down router and you have no idea which are important.

Every minute of the day

No one likes to be alerted on the weekend at 3:00 am for a non-critical issue.

Little information to act on

Simply being notified that a device is down doesn't give you much to go on. You need details on the problem.

Get to the root cause quicker with intelligent, dependency and topology aware network alerts

  1. Reduce the flood of unnecessary network alerts

    Create intelligent network alerts that are dependency and topology aware so you receive only those that are truly critical. With SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor's web-based network alerting engine, you can easily create alerts based on simple or complex nested trigger conditions, defined parent/child dependencies, and network topology.

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  2. Receive network alerts when it matters most

    It's no fun receiving an alert at 3:00 am on a weekend for a non-critical issue. With SolarWinds network monitoring software's intelligent network alerting engine you can easily specify the time of day or days of week that network alerts will trigger. And, you can easily specify who gets notified and when unacknowledged alerts get escalated. No more sending network alerts to the systems team.

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  3. Get the information you need and take action quickly

    Network alerts are only as good as the information they provide. Simply alerting you to a down node will not help you take immediate action. With SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor's intelligent network alerting engine, you can create custom actions to take when certain conditions are met, with dozens of actions to choose from such as sending an email or text, playing a sound, or executing an external program. Alerts can be configured to provide detailed information about the conditions that have been met so you know exactly where to start troubleshooting.

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Network Alert definition

A network alert provides information to a network administrator that a key health or performance indicator has exceeded a threshold in order to facilitate the detection, diagnosis, and resolution of network performance issues

With SolarWinds we have seen improvements in availability and reductions in time-to-resolution. We are able to rectify problems much faster, before users start complaining."

Michael Low

Systems Engineer at Marina Bay Sands

Be the first to know with intelligent network alerts

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  • Monitors and displays response time, availability, and performance of network devices
  • Analyzes user quality of experience using deep packet inspection and analysis
  • Improves operational efficiency with out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, and reports

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