Improve DevOps Collaboration

with Database Performance Analyzer


Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) improves collaboration across all groups in the IT organization including database administrators, developers, architects, and QA teams. DPA also eliminates finger-pointing and helps teams deliver applications to market faster in accordance with DevOps application development lifecycles.

  1. Remove Barriers to IT Team Collaboration

    With Database Performance Analyzer (formerly Confio Ignite), every team—DBAs, developers, QA engineers, and architects—can collaborate on the performance of applications, enabling better service and faster time-to market in accordance with a DevOps software lifecycle process. The entire IT team will have a unified view into application performance on production servers without sacrificing performance or security.

    With DPA, developers have read-only access to query performance on production and staging servers. This allows them to incorporate application performance into their development cycles, freeing them from depending on DBAs for production data. QA engineers can discover performance issues before deployment and easily communicate these issues to the development team. Also, DBAs can collaborate with the extended IT organization while maintaining 100% control over production servers and monitoring load.

    Faster Time-to-Market, Lower Costs

    • Eliminate project delays caused by reworking code late in the development cycle
    • Integrate performance into agile development iterations
    • Hold 3rd party software vendors (packaged apps) accountable for the performance of patch releases and upgrades

  2. DevOps - The Intersection of Development, QA, and Operations

    DevOps is a relatively new software development methodology that emphasizes communication, collaboration, and integration between software developers, QA engineers, and IT operations (production DBAs.) With the growth of agile software development, DevOps acknowledges the interdependence of these departments and provides a framework for them to collaborate.

    SolarWinds’ Database Performance Analyzer gives DevOps teams the visibility needed to deliver performance that exceeds customer expectations.

  3. Agentless Architecture

    SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer monitors database performance 24/7 with less than a 1% load on monitored servers providing up-to-date, real-time, and historical information.

    The Web browser interface, combined with Active Directory® authentication, grants role-based access for IT members throughout your enterprise.

    Non-Intrusive Developer and QA Access

    DevOps requires that the development team understand application performance in production. SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer makes this possible without compromising security and control.

    • Developers can have access to the Database Performance Analyzer server without ever connecting to monitored databases
    • Role-based access controls which instances can be viewed
    • Read-only privileges prevent unauthorized changes
    • Single connection to Database Performance Analyzer allows visibility to any production, staging, or test instance
    • Includes both historical and real-time views of query performance
    • A single Database Performance Analyzer installation monitors database performance in Dev, Test, and Production for full lifecycle coverage

Database Performance Analyzer Key Features

Database Performance Analyzer Starts at $1995

  • Intuitive charts and graphs are easily understood by and shared with developers, architects, QA engineers, DBAs, and managers
  • Automatic reports and alerts identify trends before they become issues
  • SQL statement analysis provides current and historical view of performance trends

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