Monitor and Improve SQL Server Performance on Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and SQL Database

with Database Performance Analyzer


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SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) for SQL Server uses response time analysis to get to SQL Server performance problems in just four clicks—on-premises or in the cloud. DPA helps identify the core performance issues impacting SQL Server running in Microsoft® Azure.

  1. Full database performance visibility in the cloud

    To deploy DPA in the cloud, simply provision an Azure virtual machine and install the software. DPA utlizes a SQL Server repository that you can configure on any virtual machine. It is recommended that you install DPA on a VM separate from the SQL Server instances monitored. DPA for SQL Server’s agentless architecure only requires standard Windows or SQL Server credentials to connect to an instance on a physical or cloud-based server. DPA for SQL Server enables DBAs, developers, and system administrators to monitor, analyze, and tune the performance of the SQL Server instance or SQL Database in the Azure cloud. Its query response time, wait types, trends, alerts, and reports will all be available.

    Traditional server health metrics can be misleading due to the layers of abstraction with cloud-based servers. DPA for SQL Server’s response time analysis provides an improved alternative by focusing on response time, wait types, and SQL query analysis for applications dependent on SQL Server.

    DPA’s intuitive charts and non-intrusive architecture gives the entire IT team a unified view into application performance in Azure—without sacrificing performance or security.

My promotions and pay raises over the last few years are, in part, directly attributable to Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server. I owe you a few!"


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Database Performance Analyzer Key Features:

Database Performance Analyzer Starts at $1995

  • Monitor your SQL Databases from the same interface
  • Identify SQL query problems and improve performance in just four clicks
  • Clear insight into the top issues impacting performance
  • Detailed monitoring with less than 1% load on monitored servers
  • Real time and historical trend analysis
  • No agents—install and monitor typically in minutes

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Fully functional for 14 days

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