Cloud-hosted log management to troubleshoot issues in your infrastructure and apps.

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  1. Easily consolidate your logs in one place with a cloud-hosted log management service that takes only minutes to set up

    Skip the server setup and software installation. Papertrail is a hosted service and it's ready now. Try the free plan - no credit card required.

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  2. Intuitive web-based log viewer for faster troubleshooting and collaboration

    Quickly diagnose and fix customer problems, error messages, app server errors, and slow DB queries with full visibility across all logs. 

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Key Features

  • Aggregate logs

    Consolidate syslog, text log files, Apache®, Windows® events, cloud hosting, MySQL®, more.

  • Tail and search logs

    Search stored or streaming log data. Use the search query syntax to quickly troubleshoot issues.

  • Instant alerts

    Receive alerts via email, or send them to Slack, Librato, PagerDuty, or custom HTTP webhooks.

  • Analyze logs

    Papertrail log archives can be loaded into  Redshift®, Hadoop®, and more for queries and analytics.

  • Scale your logs

    Papertrail can scale to your log volume and desired searcheable duration.

  • Encrypted logs

    Papertrail supports optional TLS encryption and certificate-based destination host verification.

More Features

Permanent log archives

Automatically offload your log messages and metadata to Amazon S3 cloud storage.

Integrations for reacting to log events

Receive alerts via integrations with Slack, Librato, or web hooks when logs match a search.

Click to search logs on a specific element

See all logs that match an element, including IP, email address, user ID, domain name, etc.


Allows apps to make HTTP requests to programmatically search for events or manage account resources.

Event viewer

A powerful event viewer makes searching and sharing logs easy, and troubleshooting faster.

Flexible log filters

Apply filters to your logs to drop unnecessary messages and pay only for the ones you want.

Cloning existing alerts

Create new or multiple alerts by copying details from one of your existing alerts to save time.

Colorize links

Enhance readibilty using ANSI color codes, or automatically colorize name and program name.

Command-line client

Retrieve, search, and tail recent app server log and system syslog messages with an optional standalone binary.

Free plan available

A free account includes 100 MB/month, 48 hours search, seven days archive, unlimited systems, and unlimited users.

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