The Most Hilarious IT Requests Revealed

Published on March 08, 2016

Workers looking for upgraded ‘Wi-Five’, needing ‘more LAN’ for their computers and wondering why emails won’t send to postal addresses all make an appearance in our look into the most ridiculous IT requests.

Employees will naturally have a wide range of computer literacy, but if you receive a question wondering what the mute symbol means when their earphone won’t work, we wouldn’t blame you for taking them a little less seriously.

We asked our thwack community to reveal some of the worst requests they’ve received, and we were overwhelmed with the response. You can find the complete list of the replies on our thwack community post, but the best of the bunch can be seen in the images below!

Disc Jockey - Please avoid turning your desktop into a CD changer.

Out of Range for Wi-Five - Who knows how many ‘Wi’s technological advancements will bring us

Magenta Alert -  Always remember your CMYKs, kids.

Batteries Not Included - Because if you don’t need a wire, surely you don’t need any power either

Error: Timekeeping Skills - strikes again

It’s Alive!!! - Sometimes, rather than explaining a problem, it’s best just to say ‘everything’s going to be okay’

Hard of Hearing - We wish this person had stayed mute with their problem

Staying Ahead of the Market - For the record: if changing the stock market from a computer, this guy wouldn’t be working in IT

Just Following Orders - Classic case of ‘please don’t shoot the messenger’

You Have the Power - Is it too much to make sure you’re pressing the right buttons, first?

Needs More LAN - Everyone knows slow computers need more Landom Access Nemory

What silly IT problems have you been asked to help with? Let us know through Twitter @solarwinds