DISA STIG Compliance Tools

DISA STIG compliance tools with continuous cybersecurity monitoring, auditing, and reporting

Monitor and audit logs, events, and configurations for DISA STIG compliance

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Better situational awareness of DISA STIG compliance

Better situational awareness of DISA STIG compliance

SolarWinds® Log & Event Manager helps you comply with DISA STIG requirements by continuously monitoring and auditing relevant logs, enabling you to see what is happening in your environment. For example, you can easily visualize changes to device, system, and user account configuration settings or modifications to databases with Log & Event Manager. This dramatically improves your situational awareness and helps you detect potential threats.
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Rule-based event correlation

Rule-based event correlation

Finding compliance violations among vast amounts of log information is not practical without assistance. Log & Event Manager provides easy-to-use, event-based correlation functionality to address DISA STIG security compliance. You define how log data is analyzed through correlation, which allows you to leverage built-in active responses to help remediate compliance violations.
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Network policy violation and vulnerability listing

Network policy violation and vulnerability listing

With many new and different devices being inducted into the network every day, monitoring and maintaining compliance becomes difficult. Network Configuration Manager helps you run compliance policy checks and obtain reports on violations to provide immediate compliance remediation options. Reduce the time spent in auditing and get visibility into compliance management and adherence across the entire network.

Normalized, searchable, and reportable log information

Normalized, searchable, and reportable log information

Log & Event Manager collects, stores, and normalizes log data from a variety of sources. You view that data from an easy-to-use web console for monitoring, searching, and responding to issues. You can use this data for preparing DISA STIG checklists, scheduled, and ad hoc reports. Watch the video

What IT Systems and DISA STIG Compliance Management Includes

Log & Event Manager

Protokollverwaltungssoftware für Sicherheit, Compliance und Fehlerbehebung

  • Schnelle und einfache Compliance-Berichte
  • Ereigniskorrelation in Echtzeit
  • Problembehebung in Echtzeit
Ab $4,585
Network Configuration Manager

Automatisierte Verwaltung von Netzwerkkonfiguration und Compliance

  • Netzwerkautomatisierung
  • Netzwerk-Compliance
  • Konfigurationssicherung
Ab $2,895

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