Proactively track storage consumption and forecast your capacity needs accurately

  • Automated storage capacity planning

    Collect storage capacity data, track usage over time, and eliminate bottlenecks.

  • Key reports on capacity trends

    Create predefined and custom reports to view capacity trends in your storage environment.

  • Gauge performance across your IT infrastructure

    Use application stack dashboard to troubleshoot capacity issues, from application to storage.


Automated storage capacity planning 

Automated storage capacity planning 

The storage capacity function in storage monitoring software collects storage capacity data and tracks usage over time to identify capacity issues in the storage array. In addition, you can easily view storage growth trends and have a forecasted view of when capacity will be reached. Trace dynamic relationships from apps, VMs, LUNs, pools, and arrays to find out capacity issues. Identify which systems are affected due to storage issues, and take necessary steps to proactively prevent downtime.

Key reports on capacity trends

Key reports on capacity trends

Storage monitoring software should allow you to create predefined and custom reports to see performance and capacity trends in your storage environment. Generate out-of-the-box web-based reports to see real-time performance data, such as server volumes by capacity, NAS volumes by capacity, LUNs by capacity, storage pools by capacity, and more.

Gauge performance across your IT infrastructure 

Gauge performance across your IT infrastructure 

To help ensure that storage issues do not affect application availability and performance, you need deep visibility across your IT infrastructure and the ability to troubleshoot performance issues from application to storage. The application stack is designed to enable IT pros to better predict, prioritize, and resolve issues before end-users are affected. To make sure storage devices are not the root cause of performance issues, you should continuously monitor and forecast storage performance and usage. 
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"With Storage Resource Monitor, I was able to solve severe disk bottleneck issues and pinpoint which LUN was causing the issue."
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Monitor storage consumption and forecast capacity needs 

Storage Resource Monitor

  • EMC、NetApp、Dellその他のマルチベンダー ストレージ配列を監視します。

  • リアルタイムNASおよびSANパフォーマンス監視容量計画。

  • お使いのデバイス、LUN、ストレージ プール/RAIDグループ、CIFS共有などの問題について通知を受け取ることができます。

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Running out of capacity is a showstopper that can create havoc in your environment