Analyze network availability, fault and network performance issues quicker


Reduce network downtime


Reduce network downtime

Network downtime can be caused by a variety of different issues and without the right network performance analysis it can be like searching for a needle in a hay stack. SolarWinds network monitoring software is a network diagnostics tool that continuously monitors the performance, and availability of network devices and aids in network troubleshooting when problems arise. With intelligent network alerting, Network Performance Monitor lets you know when key performance metrics cross your pre-defined thresholds so you are the first to know when issues occur. 詳細を表示

Quickly resolve network connectivity issues


Quickly resolve network connectivity issues

Intermittent network availability and connectivity can cause serious network troubleshooting headaches. One minute the problem is there, the next it isn't. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is a network diagnostics tools that tracks and displays current and historical performance metrics in customizable charts and dashboards. Using NPM, you can monitor interfaces to identify if the problem is caused by flapping routes, downtime, or hardware health to help quickly resolve issues and optimize network performance. 詳細を表示

Accelerate time-to-resolution

Accelerate time-to-resolution

When users can't access their applications or the network, the finger pointing begins. It's the network. No, it's the app. Being able to determine which will greatly accelerate time-to-resolution and help you pinpoint the root cause. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor uses packet analysis to help you determine if it is the application or the network that is causing poor user experience and accelerate time to resolution. 詳細を表示
"SolarWinds greatly helps us ensure that potential network issues are resolved before they affect service delivery which goes a long way to justifying the investment."
Phil Rogers
Head of Networks
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Network diagnositics and troubleshooting

Network Performance Monitor

  • Multi-vendor fault monitoring system, performance, and availability monitoring with Network Performance Monitor.

  • Visual representation of the health and performance of critical network gear.

  • View contextual and graphical portrayals of an entity and its physical and logical relationships with auto-updating maps.

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Your network is down or a device is unreachable. Now what?
What is Availability Monitoring?
Network availability monitoring detects, isolates, and assists in remediation of performance related issues in a network. Devices are scanned regularly for key performance metrics using simple network management protocol (SNMP).