Open Port Scanner and Checker Tool


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All the tools you need to easily secure, troubleshoot, and document your network

  • Network recon

    Discover and identify layer 2 and layer 3 devices and services operating on your network.

  • Configuration

    Determine whether your network is operating optimally by knowing how network devices are configured.

  • Documentation

    Resolve incidents faster and make better planning decisions with accurate network documentation.

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Network recon

Network recon

Being able to recon your network will help you identify security risks and troubleshoot network problems. Open port scanners checking for open ports doesn't give a complete picture. SolarWinds Engineer's Toolset can gather more network information. The IP network browser and port scanner will sweep IP ranges and identify devices and TCP and UDP services. This will help you see which devices are connected to your network and what services are accessible. In addition, use the Neighbor Map and Route Viewer tools to understand how your network is routing.
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Knowing how your network is configured will help you improve performance and reliability and troubleshoot problems faster when they arise. Port checkers are useful, but don’t give you deep insight into how devices are configured. SolarWinds Engineer's Toolset will help you understand whether your network is properly configured. Use the SNMP MIB browser to query SNMP-managed devices to see configurations and other MIB attributes. Use the config download, viewer, compare, and uploader to see and manage configurations for network routers and switches.
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You can troubleshoot and resolve incidents faster and make better planning decisions when you know how your network is organized. SolarWinds Engineer's Toolset can help you create and maintain network documentation. Use Network Sonar to inventory your network and build a database of SNMP-managed devices. Use IP Address Manager, DHCP Scope Monitor and DNS Analyzer to understand how IP addresses are being assigned and resolved. Use Switch Port Mapper to see what devices (hostname, IP, and MAC address) are connected to your switches.
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"It helps us with day-to-day network administration tasks as far as troubleshooting and diagnosis of problems to get us back up and running as quickly as possible."
Robert Andrew
Vaughn & Melton

Over 60 must-have network tools

Engineer's Toolset

  • Descubra dispositivos de rede automaticamente, além de mapear a topologia da rede.

  • Rastreie a disponibilidade de dispositivos, a utilização da memória, a carga da CPU e estatísticas de interface, bem como o desempenho e a latência dos caminhos de rede.

  • Solucione os problemas de sua rede rapidamente com capacidades aprimoradas de ping e rastreamento de rotas de pacotes.

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Securing, troubleshooting, and documenting your network requires more than a port scanner