Reduce SQL Server Deadlocks

SQL Server deadlocks can kill application performance

Quickly diagnose and resolve SQL Server deadlocks with Database Performance Analyzer


Identify victims and survivors

Image of deadlocking victim identification

Identify victims and survivors

The first step in analyzing the impact of deadlocks on applications is to identify the victims (either a transaction that is rolled back, or a failed process), and the survivors. SQL Server often chooses the transaction that is least expensive to roll back as the deadlock victim. Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) resolves deadlock contention by identifying a victim by process ID and supplying information about deadlock wait time. How to Resolve Common Deadlocks

Analyze total victim impact

View of SQL server deadlocking victim analysis

Analyze total victim impact

What is the cumulative impact of reviving the victim? Rolling back and rerunning the query takes time. DPA retrieves the information needed to identify the overall impact and displays the total time lost during the deadlock in the deadlock summary report. Interactive Demo

Quickly visualize the deadlock in Management Studio

Visual of deadlock in Management Studio

Quickly visualize the deadlock in Management Studio

DPA captures deadlock information as XML files and allows users to download the Deadlock XML so it can be viewed inside Management Studio. How To Resolve Common Deadlocks

Share deadlock information with your team via email

Share deadlock information with your team via email

Depending on the type of deadlock, the DBA often needs to be able to share deadlock information with developers to come up with a resolution. DPA gives DBAs the ability to share information with the team via email, and provides recommendations on ways to resolve the deadlock. For example, if a DBA finds an application in DPA and sees that several queries in the same application are deadlocking the same objects, they can email the DPA deadlock report to their team and suggest that the developers review DPA’s strategies for resolving deadlocks. How to Resolve Common Deadlocks
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