Get deep visibility into the health and performance of web applications and web servers

  1. Solve critical problems quickly

    Monitor your app components. Automatically remediate issues, such as restarting app pools.

  2. Optimize infrastructure resource utilization

    Identify server load and resource usage for metrics, such as CPU, memory, disk, network, and more.

  3. Be the first to know about performance issues

    Synthetic transaction monitors the response time of complex apps inside and outside your firewall.

  4. Identify infrastructure dependencies

    Determine whether web application issues are from server hardware, storage layers, or elsewhere.


1 Solve critical problems quickly

1 Solve critical problems quickly

Server & Application Monitor's web application performance monitoring helps ensure web servers are available and healthy at all times. With deep performance monitoring for web servers, such as Microsoft IIS, Apache, NGINX, Oracle WebLogic, etc. and see into critical metrics, such as:

  • Application pools: Worker processes, cache, requests, and threads
  • Websites: Connections, network I/O, files, requests, and HTTP bindings
  • Connections: Total connections, current connections, logon attempts, etc.
  • Cache: Cache hits, URI cache, file cache, memory usage, etc.
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2 Optimize infrastructure resource utilization

2 Optimize infrastructure resource utilization

Effectively monitor website load and understand key performance statistics, including CPU utilization, memory usage, network traffic, disk capacity, number of user connections, etc.

Server & Application Monitor also gives a deep view into web server load by monitoring essential metrics, such as client connections, web server traffic and status, incoming sessions, data downloaded or uploaded, and more to help balance server load and resource allocation.
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3 Be the first to know about performance issues

3 Be the first to know about performance issues

SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor helps you monitor the availability and performance of websites by recording and playing back synthetic end-user transactions.

  • Agentlessly and securely test and monitor web application and website performance
  • Identify and diagnose response time for web page elements, such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Images, etc. Monitor website and user experience from multiple locations inside and outside your firewall.
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4 Identify infrastructure dependencies

4 Identify infrastructure dependencies

Web application and web server performance issues can be caused by server hardware, virtual infrastructure, and network or storage performance issues. Being able to see the relationships between your web application and web server dependencies helps you find and remediate problems much faster.

With Server & Application Monitor you get access to monitor over 200 out-of-the-box applications, such as Windows, Linux, Java, SQL, Microsoft Exchange, etc. Easily extend monitoring to any custom and homegrown applications, all using a single web interface.
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"We had an incident with a web server certificate that wasn’t automatically renewing. AppInsight for IIS gave us the time needed to fix the problem before it became an issue."
Craig Hicks
System Administrator
MMM Group Limited

Troubleshoot web application issues faster

Server & Application Monitor

  • 自动的应用程序发现和服务器映射。

  • 快速监控 Microsoft Azure 和 Amazon AWS 服务的性能和可用性。

  • 内置模板提供最佳做法。

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Are you able to proactively detect and diagnose web application performance problems?