Application Server Monitoring Tool for Log Management

Secure sensitive data by auditing application and server logs

  • Monitor server logs for signs of attack

    Continuously monitor application server logs and flag detected events that indicate compromise.

  • Prevent privilege abuse

    With real-time change detection and reporting, control who can access the application servers.

  • Defend against application threats in real-time

    Audit server logs in real-time and alert on security events.


Monitor web server logs for signs of attack

Monitor web server logs for signs of attack

SolarWinds Security Event Manager includes built-in rule templates designed to detect and stop web application attacks. The tool used for application monitoring and server monitoring uses a predefined list of vectors commonly found in both cross-site scripting and SQL injection attacks. When these vectors appear in web server logs, Security Event Manager can alert and respond in real-time by disabling a user or stopping a process.
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Prevent privilege abuse

Prevent privilege abuse

As a matter of convenience, administrators tend to use their admin privileges or root access even to perform daily activities. This leads to security challenges, as threat actors often start with an attempt to acquire credentials required to access and control targeted applications. Audit access to critical services with Security Event Manager and identify accounts that misuse their privileges.
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Defend against application threats in real-time

Defend against application threats in real-time

Server logs contain crucial information, such as user logon activities, running services, open ports, and file transfer activities. Log & Event Manger's application server monitoring tools help to improve situational awareness by auditing application server logs and correlating security events to identify attacks in real-time. With historical information and known indicators of compromise, you can set automated responses for threat mitigation. You can also generate application and server security reports that comply with PCI DSS, GLBA, SOX, NERC CIP, HIPAA, and more.
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Application and server security and more

Security Event Manager

  • Obtenir une conformité vérifiable en suivant les cadres réglementaires spécifiques au domaine informatique n’est pas une tâche facile.

  • Tout décalage entre le moment où vous détectez une menace de sécurité et sa résolution peut être préjudiciable aux entreprises de toutes tailles.

  • L’efficacité de vos initiatives en matière de sécurité dépend grandement de votre capacité à traiter rapidement les menaces de sécurité.

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The application server is often the point of entry for attackers