Perform in-depth network traffic analysis


Visualize network traffic

Visualize network traffic

Get to the root cause of bandwidth issues with an intuitive point-and-click interface. SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer network traffic analysis tool identifies peak bandwidth usage within your network and displays the specific endpoints or applications consuming the most network bandwidth. This comprehensive, customizable view on a single pane of glass can help you spot potential trouble as you analyze network traffic.

Identify network top talkers

Identify network top talkers

Unveil which specific endpoints and applications are responsible for generating heavy network traffic that creates bottlenecks. Minimize the impact caused by specific network top talkers consuming the most bandwidth. Track network and application traffic arriving from designated ports, source IPs, destination IPs, and even protocols with SolarWinds NTA.

Deep-drill network traffic analysis

Deep-drill network traffic analysis

Gain deep visibility into any element’s traffic using multiple views and analyze network traffic patterns. NTA collects and analyzes flow data from multiple vendors, including:

Investigate and isolate excessive network bandwidth utilization and unexpected application traffic, gaining an in-depth view into network traffic to prevent potentially recurrent bandwidth issues. Monitor bandwidth usage by IP groups. NTA analyzes network traffic with custom overlapping IP address groups, which allows you to create your own IP address groups to view network traffic the way that you want to see it.

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Get in-depth network traffic analysis

Network Performance Monitor

  • Gestion complète des performances et de la surveillance des défaillances de votre réseau.

  • Remontez à la cause première plus rapidement grâce à des alertes réseau intelligentes et liées à la topologie et à la dépendance.

  • Analyse point par point des applications ou services sur site ou dans le Cloud.

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