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Compare disparate data types side-by-side

Compare disparate data types side-by-side

When it comes to troubleshooting performance issues within your IT environment, your data is more than likely going to have different data types. Whether you are looking at network interface utilization, application performance counters, VM host memory utilization, database wait metrics, or storage IOPS, PerfStack™ gives you the ability to compare these data types side by side. Simply drag and drop the metrics of interest to the chart and PerfStack will overlay them for easy correlation and performance analysis.

Correlate multiple entities on a common timeline

Correlate multiple entities on a common timeline

You're alerted to an application slowdown at 10:03 a.m. on a Friday. How do you know if the cause is in the network, your systems, or your storage? With PerfStack, you can visually correlate data from each of these entities on a common timeline to help you solve problems faster and reduce the impact to your end-users. No need to switch from tool to tool to identify root cause.

Collaborate across functional teams

Collaborate across functional teams

It's all about reliably delivering apps and services to your end-users, and as an IT administrator, you can no longer live in silos. Cross-functional collaboration is critical to resolving problems as quickly as possible. If you are a network admin and you rule out a network problem, PerfStack gives you the ability to easily share your data analysis with your counterpart on the systems team. Simply create a new analysis project and share the URL across the team, and everyone sees the same data presented in an intuitive dashboard.

Try PerfStack performance analysis now included in these products:

Network Performance Monitor

Software de monitoreo de red diseñado para reducir las caídas de la red y mejorar el desempeño

  • Monitoreo de red de varios proveedores
  • Generación de alertas avanzada
  • Visualización de rutas críticas con NetPath
Desde $2,995
NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

Software de monitoreo del ancho de banda y analizador de NetFlow

  • Monitoreo del ancho de banda
  • Alertas sobre el tráfico de la aplicación
  • Análisis del tráfico de red
Desde $1,945
Server & Application Monitor

Software completo de monitoreo de servidores simplificado

  • Puesta en marcha, por lo general, en minutos
  • Monitoree IaaS, PaaS y SaaS de Azure y AWS
  • Más de 1200 plantillas de monitoreo de las aplicaciones
Desde $2,995
Storage Resource Monitor

Software de administración del almacenamiento con monitoreo de desempeño de varios proveedores integrado

  • Monitoreo de almacenamiento de varios proveedores
  • Planificación del desempeño y la capacidad
  • Alertas y detección de puntos calientes
Desde $2,995
Virtualization Manager

Monitoreo de máquinas virtuales diseñado para optimizar el desempeño y reparar problemas en minutos

  • Administración completa de la virtualización
  • Recomendaciones para máquinas virtuales
  • Control de expansión de VM
Desde $2,995
Web Performance Monitor

Software de monitoreo de sitios web diseñado para detectar y solucionar problemas de desempeño internos y externos de aplicaciones y sitios

  • Monitoreo completo del desempeño
  • Monitoreo continuo de transacciones sintéticas
  • Mediciones detalladas de tiempo de carga
Desde $1,995

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