Solar-PuTTY Manage remote sessions in a professional way

Connect to any server or device in your network with Solar-PuTTY for Windows

  • Manage multiple sessions from one console with a tabbed interface
  • Save credentials or private keys to any session for easy login
  • Automate all scripts you’re using when connection is established
  • Find your saved session easily thanks to Windows Search integration
  • No installation is needed

Manage remote sessions in a professional way.

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Managing remote sessions have never been so easy and comfortable!
Experience Solar-PuTTY, the SSH client you always wanted
Support of SCP, SSH, Telnet, SFTP
Saving credentials (including private key) for auto-login
Support of multiple sessions in tabbed interface
Quick access to the most used sessions
Auto-reconnecting capability
Graphical SFTP file transfer
Support of post-connections scripts
Integration of Windows Search
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