What’s New in Kiwi CatTools

NEW in v3.11!

IPv6 and SSL/TLS Email Support

IPv6 Support

CatTools supports both IPv4 and IPv6 devices from multiple vendors, including Cisco®, HP®, Huawei®, 3Com® and more.

SSL/TLS Email Support

CatTools supports SSL and TLS protocols, allowing you to send network configuration and device information reports via secure email.

Variations Support for More Devices

CatTools includes variations support for more devices, including HP.Switch.2500, RedHat Linux, Check Point VPN, and Huawei General.

Address Resolution Protocol Report for Check Point Firewalls

Using CatTools, users can view and access the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) report for Check Point VPN devices and firewalls.

Upgrading is simple

Click the button below to visit the SolarWinds Customer Portal. Then, download the latest version of Kiwi CatTools and follow the setup wizard. Learn more by reviewing the upgrade guide.