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Challenges of monitoring hybrid cloud architectures

Relying on multiple tools clouds the picture

Using multiple tools to manage your hybrid cloud environment is expensive and adds unnecessary management overload.

Lack of visibility to predict resource utilization

Because workloads change so frequently in the cloud, you need capacity forecasting to know when more server resources are needed.

Difficulty in supporting dynamic environments

In dynamic resource provisioning environments, manually setting up monitoring for each application and server is cumbersome.

Unified application monitoring across private, public and hybrid cloud environments

  1. Continuous monitoring on-premises and in the cloud

    Maintain application performance as you move apps from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud.

  2. Cross-stack correlation for your hybrid IT data

    Understand the context of application dependencies with the supporting infrastructure for root cause analysis.

  3. Predictive insight, performance analytics, and alerting

    Monitor over 200 applications and get alerts about performance problems before end-users are affected.

  4. Flexibility to monitor custom applications

    Extend monitoring to any custom or home-grown applications across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

  1. Continuous monitoring on-premises and in the cloud

    SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor provides end-to-end visibility of your business critical applications running on private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. Use agentless technology to monitor applications and servers on-premises. The optional agent (for Windows® and Linux®) extends the scope of monitoring to the cloud (Amazon® AWS, Microsoft® Azure®, Rackspace®, etc.)

    Best suited for hybrid environments, where you move applications from on-premises to the cloud. Compare performance with baseline data, and use historical analysis to determine resource needs.

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  2. Cross-stack correlation for your hybrid IT data

    When it comes to troubleshooting performance issues within your hybrid IT environment, your data is more than likely going to have different data types. Whether you are looking at network interface utilization, application performance counters, VM host memory utilization, or storage IOPS, the PerfStack™ dashboard gives you the ability to compare these data types side by side. Simply drag and drop the metrics of interest to the chart and PerfStack will overlay them for easy correlation and analysis.

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  3. Predictive insight, performance analytics, and alerting

    Regardless of where applications are deployed—on physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructures—SAM provides detailed metrics about application health, availability, and performance to quickly identify the cause of slowness, downtime, and suboptimal performance.
    • Monitor over 200 applications with out-of-the-box best practices.
    • Balance your workload and optimize hardware provisioning with predictive insights that help forecast server capacity.
    • Support dynamic workload provisioning and cloud-bursting environments with automated monitoring.

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  4. Flexibility to monitor custom applications

    Server & Application Monitor supports monitoring custom and homegrown applications. If your application is not covered by one of the hundreds of built-in templates, it’s easy to create a customized template. Create or use existing custom scripts, import them into Server & Application Monitor, and start monitoring all of your applications, whether they are running on-premises or in the cloud.

    You can also customize alerting criteria, dashboard, and build custom reports to set up monitoring the way you need it.

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[After deploying SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor], I have visibility into applications now that I never had, and I can start to determine root cause analysis and do performance tuning."

Systems Engineer at Large Enterprise Retail Company

Affordable application monitoring for your hybrid cloud environment

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  • Get capacity metrics at your fingertips to balance workload and optimize resource provisioning

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