Destiny Bertucci


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SolarWinds Lab #56 (54:55) SolarWinds Lab #46 (24:15) SolarWinds Lab #41 (23:58)

Destiny Bertucci

Head Geek

Bertucci holds a broad array of certifications and degrees, such as CCNA, (ISC)² Methodologies, CompTIA IT Operations Specialist (CIOS), CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist (CSIS), INFOSEC, database development degree, BS IT Security, and SolarWinds Certified Professional®. In her 16 years as a network manager, she has worked in healthcare, federal, and application engineering, allowing her to be a successful SolarWinds senior application engineer for over nine years.

She started her networking career in 2001 by earning CCNA/Security+ certification and launching a networking consultant business. After using SolarWinds®tools for many years, she joined the company and continued earning certifications and degrees to expand her professional reach into database development and (ISC)² methodologies. Customizing SolarWinds products, while working on setups and performance, deepened her knowledge of the complete SolarWinds product line. She is now skilled and experienced in network, security, application, server, virtualization, cloud, and database management.