Network and Server Device Log Monitoring

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Search, analyze, and monitor log data


Monitor critical log data in real-time to aid in troubleshooting

Monitor critical log data in real-time to aid in troubleshooting

Your infrastructure continuously generates log data to provide performance insights, and monitoring logs in real-time can help give you the immediate insight you need. Whether it is syslog, SNMP traps, or Windows event logs, these log files can provide the critical pieces of insight you need to help with troubleshooting. Monitoring, collecting, consolidating, and analyzing log information using one log management tool can help you find root causes faster. SolarWinds® Log Manager for Orion® was designed to be the log monitoring tool you need to help keep your network and business up and running.
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Filter your log data to find entries faster

Filter your log data to find entries faster

Log Manager for Orion can help you easily filter your monitored log data. Once you collect the logs, you can refine them via intuitive, out-of-the-box filters. Using the powerful search engine built into Log Manager, you can quickly find the log entries of interest and save valuable time.
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Visualize data via an interactive chart

Visualize data via an interactive chart

Log Manager is designed to give you the capability to quickly visualize log volume, search results, and refine timeframes via an interactive chart. Since Log Manager is integrated into the Orion Platform of products, you can seamlessly integrate the log data you’ve monitored and collected into the Orion Platform console, so you can view it alongside network and systems performance metrics. Unifying your log monitoring data and infrastructure performance can help give you a clearer view of your network’s performance.
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Monitor your log data today

  • 深入了解环境的性能。

  • 快速识别性能和可用性问题。

  • 使用交互式图表和图形实时查看日志数据。

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Monitor logs at a glance and get help gaining insight into network device performance