Ping Sweep

Identify Free and In-Use IP Addresses

Simultaneously send multiple packets and scan your IP range by performing a fast ICMP sweep

  • Identify available IP addresses

    Learn which IP addresses are in use and which ones are currently free

  • Identify DNS names

    Look up the DNS name for each IP address

  • Easily export results

    Results can be exported in different formats, including CSV/TXT/XLS, as well as to a HTML page

Easy access to 60+ network management tools, when you need them

Engineer's Toolset
  • 自动发现网络设备和映射网络拓扑。

  • 跟踪设备可用性、内存利用率、CPU 负载、接口统计数据以及网络路径的性能和延迟。

  • 通过增强的 ping 功能和数据包路由跟踪,快速对网络进行故障排除。

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