Web User Experience Monitoring


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Website performance monitoring for apps on both sides of the firewall

  • Detect slow page load speed for each page in a transaction, well ahead of customer emergencies
  • Agentless and secure user experience testing from multiple locations inside or outside your firewall
  • Web-based dashboards to quickly identify website load times by location, page, or transaction
  • Identify heaviest page elements (HTML, JavaScript, etc.) and alert on images that aren’t matching
  • Transparent pricing (transactions X locations) with no extra change for number of pages or number of alerts


Automatically monitor the quality of service experienced by your end-users

SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor lets you constantly monitor web application and website responsiveness from the view of your end-users. Using web performance monitoring software, you can:

  • Prepare for more users by checking response times to your applications, or test the responsiveness of launching satellite sites in a different locations
  • Measure the impact of website and web app changes by testing transaction responsiveness before and after you make them
  • Install players in multiple locations and monitor the responsiveness and availability of centralized intranet services
  • Help ensure that processes, including core shopping and payment, perform as users expect
  • Test that responsiveness and availability is consistent and falls within SLAs agreed upon for SaaS applications
  • Find out exactly where web app bottlenecks come from and identify whether the problem is due to issues in a specific location

SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor is unlike most other SaaS web application monitoring solutions, because it monitors web apps inside and outside of a firewall. Because SolarWinds does not charge to record every step in a transaction, and offers perpetual, low-cost licensing, our Web Performance Monitor software is less expensive in the long term compared to other SaaS solutions.

Record every step of a transaction to monitor the complete user experience

The easy-to-use recorder in SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor captures every step in a web transaction and saves them to a test that you can run as frequently as every minute. This means no lengthy training or expensive professional services are needed. The Web Performance Monitor recorder is a Windows program that saves a sequence of web browser actions as they are put in to simulate the steps taken by end-users of your website or web applications. Typical actions recorded by SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor software include mouse clicks, text input, file downloads, and matching text strings.

Improve the accuracy of transaction monitoring by running tests from multiple locations

Monitor transactions by deploying your player at multiple locations around the globe. Even if you don’t have an office in Japan, Austin, or Germany, you can monitor from these locations by leveraging the power of the cloud. Web Performance Monitor lets you run transactions from any location using an Amazon Machine Image (AMI). Just enter your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) account credentials and location, and SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor automatically deploys a player to run synthetic transactions.

Reduce troubleshooting time by playing transactions from problematic remote locations behind the firewall

SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor’s player can run transactions from its own server or from remote locations. This gives you the option to let the player actively initiate communication with the Web Performance Monitor server, and it simplifies firewall/NAT configuration because the agent actively connects to the server using a HTTP(S) protocol. This feature is very useful in troubleshooting website or web application performance problems from remote locations or customers. MSPs and larger distributed deployments may also prefer this option over server-initiated communication.

Monitor multi-department, multi-customer environments using one SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor infrastructure

Provide visibility and control over testing website and web applications for your end-users with SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor’s multi-tenant UI. You can set account limitations to restrict user access rights to designated network areas or withhold certain types of information from designated users, such as limiting views of specific transactions, player locations, or groups. This feature is important for MSPs and large multi-department, multi-location businesses that desire to leverage a single instance of Web Performance Monitor.

Monitor the responsiveness of Java applications, including applications with rich web content using Flash and Silverlight

SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor records and plays back the coordinates clicked within dynamic web pages. This applies to pages that contain non-HTML elements such as AJAX-, Flash- and Silverlight-based content. WPM provides full support for web-based Java applications.

Web User Experience Monitoring

Web Performance Monitor

  • Monitor web services and SaaS application performance.

  • Experience your app like a user.

  • Troubleshoot with detailed load-time metrics.

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