Continuous monitoring of changes and quick recovery from misconfigurations helps reduce network downtime

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Real-time change detection and notification

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Real-time change detection and notification

Network Configuration Manager gives you real-time information about the configuration changes that are made in your network, including who made them and what they were. This data allows you to correlate a configuration change to network performance issues or a security misconfiguration to help you reduce downtime. The configuration compare feature in Network Configuration Manager clearly indicates the differences in lines of code to help you figure out where the change happened, how it happened, and the remediation option to quickly fix the issue.
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Automatic config backup

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Automatic config backup

Automated backup in Network Configuration Manager helps ensure that your network configuration archive is up-to-date and available for quick access. This facilitates faster disaster recovery of critical devices and applications that experience downtime due to a bad configuration change. Network Configuration Manager maintains a database of all the backed-up configurations, which allows you to paste the correct configuration from the archive onto your switches and routers.
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Config change approval

Config change approval

With change approval workflow and change notification, Network Configuration Manager helps introduce change control and monitoring. You can have a review system that helps avoid misconfigurations and non-compliances that affect network uptime and performance. Save hours spent troubleshooting the network due to misconfigurations.
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"[Network Configuration Manager] is really good at giving you the diffs and making sure you can narrow down to exactly what happened, where it happened and how to fix it in a relatively rapid fashion."
Chuck Brule
Voice Network Architect
Umpqua Bank

Automate network configuration change and compliance management

Network Configuration Manager

  • Save time with network automation.

  • Simplify and improve network compliance.

  • Fast disaster recovery.

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Misconfigurations cause network downtime