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Automatic config backup

NCM- Config Change Report

Automatic config backup

Network Configuration Manager gives you broad control over your config backup policies. Create a scheduled job by first identifying the devices and configs on the device you want to back up. You can select devices manually or dynamically, and specify the times when the network backup will be made. Next, configure an email notification and attach the results log. You even have the flexibility of only backing up configs that have changed since the last backup. Finally, Network Configuration Manager will organize your archives and help you locate them quickly by device and date.
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Real-time change detection and notification

NCM- Config Change Templates

Real-time change detection and notification

Network Configuration Manager provides two methods for detecting network changes. It monitors all syslog and SNMP messages for real-time notifications, and on a scheduled, reoccurring basis, systematically download and compare configs to their prior version. In addition to detecting a change, Network Configuration Manager will identify who made the change and provide a visual comparison highlighting all changes within the configuration.
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Config change templates

NCM- Config List

Config change templates

Network Configuration Manager supports both scripting and powerful config change templates that allow you to make bulk configuration changes. Scripts are useful for making simple changes on similar devices, but for more complex changes, config change templates determined by the properties of the target device can be used. This allows you to develop one script and deploy it on dissimilar device types. In addition, Network Configuration Manager provides immediate or scheduled execution with result logging and reporting.
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