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Perform network congestion tests

Perform network congestion tests

Get to the root cause of bandwidth issues with an intuitive point-and-click interface and flow data analysis from multiple vendors, including NetFlow v5 and v9, Juniper J-Flow, sFlow, Huawei NetStream, and IPFIX. SolarWinds® NTA identifies network congestion issues fast and displays the specific endpoints or applications consuming the most bandwidth. Use NTA’s network congestion control tools to identify habitual bottlenecks and adjust policies for better management, so that you don’t spend money on additional unnecessary bandwidth.
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Divulge network top talkers

Divulge network top talkers

See how to detect network congestion and unveil which specific users and applications are responsible for network congestion creating bottlenecks. Target specific top talkers on your network that consume the most bandwidth to reduce the congestion problems caused by their usage. NTA also allows you to track application traffic arriving from designated ports, source IPs, destination IPs, and even protocols.
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Gain visibility and correlate data

Gain visibility and correlate data

Gain deep visibility into any element’s traffic using multiple views, and truly visualize your network’s traffic patterns to resolve congestion in the network. SolarWinds PerfStack™ dashboard with cross-stack network data correlation helps accelerate identification of root cause by dragging and dropping network performance metrics on a common timeline for immediate visual correlation across your network data. You can investigate, isolate, and monitor excessive network bandwidth utilization and unexpected application traffic to prevent potentially recurrent network congestion issues.
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Get the right network congestion monitoring tools

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

  • Monitor bandwidth use by application, protocol, and IP address group.

  • Get alerted if application traffic suddenly increases, decreases, or disappears completely.

  • Analyze network traffic patterns over months, days, or minutes by drilling down into any network element.

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