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Knowledge management is an essential part of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework. Whether an organization is compliant with ITIL or not, when it comes to IT service support, having a knowledge base (KB) is always integral. With turnover happening in the IT workforce, and teams getting more distributed and geographically dispersed, it becomes difficult to access technical know-how when there is an immediate need for it.

Say a complex server issue needs troubleshooting, and the SysAdmin who handles this issue has just quit the job, has gone on vacation, or is just in a different time zone and not reachable. This is where a knowledge base helps. By documenting and storing knowledge in the form of tips and tricks, KB articles, FAQs, etc., you can make sure you have access to guidance for handling recurring issues and complex issues all the time.

Centralized knowledge management for IT teams

Centralized knowledge management for IT teams

A searchable and extensible knowledge base integrated with the IT help desk simplifies the process of adding and managing KB articles. By designating a KB manager (any one IT tech can assume this role) for controlling and managing KB addition, you can benefit from a centralized repository of valuable IT know-how that is available at your fingertips.

  • Allow IT techs & help desk staff to contribute KB articles directly and link them to
  • Help ensure knowledge base integrity by requiring manager approval to add new articles
  • Grant or restrict visibility to KB content intended for end-users or for IT personnel
  • Review and update knowledge base content before posting to the selected audience
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Promote end-user self-service with dynamic FAQs in service request portal

Promote end-user self-service with dynamic FAQs in service request portal

Web Help Desk is a web-based ticketing system that offers powerful, built-in knowledge base (KB) to provide end-users, with options to resolve common and known IT issues on their own.Help desk teams benefit from significantly fewer trouble tickets when end-users have self-resolution options at their disposal.

  • Help your end-users help themselves with an easy-to-use, built-in knowledge base, related FAQs, and dynamic tool tips
  • Add embedded videos, file attachments, and rich text to KB articles to enrich the depth of information and guidance provided to end-users
  • Familiar Boolean search ensures end-users find their desired KB articles in an easy, user-friendly environment
  • Add unlimited KB articles to optimize the power of a comprehensive knowledge base

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An affordable help desk with built-in knowledge base

Web Help Desk

  • Manually managing service requests without help desk ticketing software can be a tedious process that’s also prone to error.

  • Don’t waste time responding to repetitive, run-of-the-mill questions.

  • Breaching your SLA could spell disaster for your business.

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