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Find bandwidth hogs and take action

  • Configure utilization alerts

    Use SolarWinds Bandwidth Analyzer Pack (BAP) to get notified when network usage exceeds set thresholds.

  • Identify network top talkers

    Identify which apps and endpoints are consuming the most network bandwidth by tracking traffic.

  • Gain contact info of high-bandwidth user

    SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT) identifies the user tied to the endpoint and provides their contact information.

  • Knock user off network

    UDT also provides their switch port location and enables you to temporarily disable the port.

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Analyze network traffic patterns

Analyze network traffic patterns

Bandwidth Analyzer Pack combines SolarWinds® Network Performance Monitor and NetFlow Traffic Analyzer to view the health and performance of the network, then identify which endpoints or applications are consuming the most network bandwidth. Review historical data to identify habitual bandwidth hogs and adjust policies for better management.

Identify network top talkers

Identify network top talkers

Network engineers are aware that it’s usually just a handful of users and apps that are responsible for heavy bandwidth consumption. Set alert notifications in BAP for top talkers on your network, so you can quickly target bandwidth hogs and take proactive measures.

Track down the offending bandwidth hog

Track down the offending bandwidth hog

User Device Tracker delivers automated user and device tracking along with powerful switch port management capabilities so you can stay in control of who and what is connecting to your network. When combined with BAP, UDT provides user contact info and switch port location of the high bandwidth user, allowing you to either tell the user to reduce their bandwidth usage or remove them from the network.

Find and stop bandwidth offenders

with Bandwidth Analyzer Pack and User Device Tracker.

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A few excessive bandwidth hogs can impact productivity across the organization
What is a Bandwidth Hog?
A bandwidth hog takes more than their fair share of valuable network bandwidth, slowing down the network and hurting productivity. SolarWinds BAP and UDT help you find the top talkers and prevent unauthorized use of the network.