Remote Control of Microsoft Windows Machines

with Dameware Mini Remote Control


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Remote Control for Windows Machines

  • Remotely control any machine on your LAN or WAN
  • Perform remote, on-the-fly deployment of the client agent—no machine reboots required
  • Manage all of the machines in your environment with a single, affordable license

Easy deployment and use

  • Start a session instantly with no machine reboots with the deployment of the Dameware Mini Remote Control (MRC) Client Agent Service “on the fly”
  • Configure and install the MRC Client Agent Service easily with the included MSI package builder
  • Configure Windows Firewall and Advanced Windows Firewall easily
  • Take advantage of enhanced speed and performance delivered by Dameware Mirror Driver
  • Get out-of-the-box ROI because the product is so easy to use
  • Purchase affordable licenses based on the number of administrators using the software, regardless of the number of servers or clients accessed

Extensive security and encryption capabilities

Dameware MRC provides extensive security and encryption capabilities, including multiple authentication methods primarily designed to use an operating system's built-in security. The software also offers additional options of encrypting all communications between the remote and local machines, taking advantage of today's standards for encryption, hashing, and key exchange.

  • Use Interactive Smart Card Login and Remote Smart Card Authentication with a Smart Card and PIN from your local machine. You don’t need to install additional Smart Card middleware or a Smart Card reader on the remote machine. MRC is the only known third-party remote administration tool with this capability.
  • Set encryption via Microsoft’s Cryptographic Providers and CryptoAPIs built into the OS itself, which are also FIPS-140 certified
  • Restrict access using IP Filtering
  • Restrict access based upon Group membership
  • Restrict access based upon a Shared Secret Key
  • Force encryption for all connections

Enable email notifications to contact a specified address each time a connection is made to a remote machine

End-User support

  • Chat during shared sessions
  • Click once to save screenshots of the remote machine
  • Share sessions and screens
  • Transfer files simply
  • Acquire permission from the Desktop User before connecting
  • Take advantage of multi-monitor support

Multiple connectivity options

  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Proxy Server available for Jump-Hosted environments
  • Wake-on-LAN ability
  • Connect via Mini Remote style connection or RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) style connection

Flexibility of use

  • U3 Mode for portability that lets you run MRC from a device other than the local hard drive
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Support for Windows 7, 2008 Server, and Vista
  • Supports more than one active connection on WinXP
  • Supports more than two active connections on Server 2000/2003
  • Support for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems
  • Support for Fast User Switching as well as Microsoft's Remote Desktop Program
  • Unicode

Remote Control of Microsoft Windows Machines

Dameware Mini Remote Control
  • Sometimes getting to the root of an IT issue involves going right to the source.

  • Don’t let non-responsive machines keep you from resolving IT issues.

  • When data security or compliance is on the line, your remote support tool shouldn’t present any vulnerabilities.

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