TriCipher Firewall Log Analysis Tool


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Automated log collection, analysis, and real-time event correlation

  • Collects, normalizes, and analyzes log data and performs real-time, in-memory event correlation
  • Delivers immediate, actionable intelligence for security, compliance, and operational issues
  • Includes built-in Active Responses for automated threat remediation, and incident response
  • Provides advanced search and data visualization for fast forensic analysis, and anomaly detection
  • Streamlines compliance reporting with predefined templates for PCI, HIPAA, SOX, and more

Real-time collection, correlation, and analysis of TriCipher Identity and Authentication Management System log and event data

Leverage SolarWinds Security Event Manager’s (SEM) collection of TriCipher log and event data to monitor system authentication logs and to protect web applications and enterprise portals, the people that use them, and the business processes that flow through them against fraud and identity theft. 

  • Automatically collects, classifies, normalizes, and aggregates all TriCipher log data
  • Provides real time intelligence for improved IT operations and security
  • Nearly 700 built-in correlation rules


Automatically respond to user access and encryption breaches

SolarWinds Security Event Manager includes Active Response technology to automate incident response in real-time. Automatically perform responsive actions when network security is threatened with breaches and unauthorized access. 

SolarWinds SEM’s built-in Active Responses include: 

  • Create, disable, or delete user accounts and user groups
  • Enable or disable domain user accounts, local user accounts, or Windows machine accounts
  • Kill processes by ID or name
  • Log users off
  • Remove user-defined group elements
  • Reset user account passwords
  • Restart or shutdown machines


Real-time, in-memory, non-linear, cross-domain, and multi-dimensional correlation of TriCipher log data

SolarWinds Security Event Manager (SEM) provides advanced event correlation so you’ll know immediately if there is an issue with your TriCipher Identity and Authentication Management System. 

  • Perform multiple event correlation, including the unique ability to set independent thresholds for activity per event, or group of events. This enables you to understand relationships between different activities like the number of user logon failures and denied traffic counts, etc.
  • Leverage non-linear event correlation so that you don’t have to build rules for every ordering permutation
  • Get access to field-level data for event correlation rules


Quickly and easily generate TriCipher regulatory compliance reports

SolarWinds Security Event Manager makes it easy to generate system compliance reports and provide graphical summaries. 

  • 300+ built-in templates that satisfy requirements for PCI DSS , GLBA, SOX, NERC CIP, HIPAA, and more
  • Customize out-of-the-box reports to meet your organization's specific needs
  • Produce graphical summaries to enhance your high level reports

TriCipher Log Analysis

Security Event Manager

  • Achieving auditable compliance across industry-specific IT regulatory frameworks is no easy task.

  • A lag in the ability to detect and respond to a security threat can be costly for businesses of all sizes.

  • The effectiveness of your security initiatives is largely dependent on your ability to quickly respond to security threats.

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