SAN Management Performance Monitoring


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Storage monitoring software gives you a unified view into the health of your storage devices

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See into storage utilization and performance

srm performance monitoring

See into storage utilization and performance

Having valuable insights into storage management across the enterprise helps you identify the impact of a storage failure, allowing you to forecast for storage capacity planning and business continuity decisions. Storage monitoring tools let you receive alerts about performance problems by identifing overloaded LUNs or RAID groups. You can also view space consumption on storage arrays, RAID groups, and LUNs.
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Unified storage monitoring

Unified storage monitoring

Managing a mix of storage vendors is always challenging because you have to rely on multiple tools to keep storage devices and systems functioning like they should. With a unified storage monitoring tool, you can easily identify performance bottlenecks in your storage infrastructure and take corrective actions. For example, you can receive alerts about a LUN that is running out of space, or response times that are slower than what you set initially across different storage devices.
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See across infrastructure layers

See across infrastructure layers

The application stack environment gives you instant visibility into all solution layers, extending to virtualization and applications. Storage management software allows you to drill deeper into storage performance problems, including every layer of your infrastructure, It even expands to see the VMs and applications that are dependent on any storage element.
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Alerting and reporting

srm user defined thresholds

Alerting and reporting

Set threshold values to all your storage resources that are part of your environment. Web-based alerts allow you to set warning and critical threshold levels so you notice the issue before the end-user does. Generate various reports, such as Top 10 LUNs by latency, storage pool utilization, enterprise capacity summary, free LUN report, storage asset info details, and more.
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"With SRM, I was able to solve severe disk bottleneck issues. I was able to pinpoint which LUN was causing the issue."
IT SysAdmin
Medium Enterprise Construction Company

Comprehensive monitoring of SAN and NAS performance

Storage Resource Monitor

  • Monitoramento de matrizes de armazenamento de vários fornecedores, como EMC, NetApp, Dell, entre outros.

  • Planejamento de capacidade de monitoramento de desempenho de NAS e SAN em tempo real.

  • Seja notificado sobre problemas com seus dispositivos, LUNs, pools de armazenamento/grupos RAID, compartilhamentos CIFS e outros.

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If you can't see SAN and NAS performance, you can't maximize uptime
What is SAN Management
SAN Management software provides a unified view into health, performance and capacity of multiple SAN devices in a data center. It would also provide storage alerts and reports to improve efficiency of SAN devices.