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Discovering and managing IT assets is a tough job for IT teams—especially when it comes to keeping track of IT inventory. IT pros need the help of asset management software to automate the process of asset discovery, tracking, and reporting. A help desk equipped with IT asset management capabilities can help simplify IT inventory tracking, purchase order management, parts and billing management, and more.

Remotely troubleshoot computers from asset inventory

SolarWinds Web Help Desk integrates with remote control tools, which allows IT pros to directly initiate a remote session to the computers available in the asset inventory. With a single click, you can have a screen-sharing session with the remote desktop.

How IT asset management software can help

How IT asset management software can help

IT asset management software helps with the discovering, tracking, and reporting of your hardware and software assets in your IT infrastructure. You can automatically identify a computer’s hardware and software assets including information such as hostname, make, model, serial number, hard drive, memory, installed software, etc. You can also import your existing IT asset inventory details to the IT asset tracking software.

SolarWinds Web Help Desk allows you to:

  • Automatically discover IT assets and track their statuses
  • Keep IT inventory up to date and schedule IT asset reporting
  • Optimize IT inventory planning and procurement forecasts
  • Link IT assets to problem tickets to track the problem history of assets
  • Import legacy asset inventory into help desk asset repository
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Purchase order management

Purchase order management

SolarWinds Web Help Desk lets you track assets through the initial request, approval, and final purchase and entry into inventory. Just enter the asset purchase order information and let Web Help Desk calculate warranty and lease end dates of your hardware and the license expiration dates of your software inventory.

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Parts and billing management

Parts and billing management

IT asset management software lets you manage your parts inventory, allowing you to program automatic email inventory alerts when inventory reaches a specified minimum level. You can also track service parts and fees as line items on your custom invoices and quotes, and generate billable ticket details such as labor, service, and inventory, as an invoice or quote in PDF format. The built-in Technician Note Editor allows you to easily allocate work time on a per-note and per-technician basis.

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Easy-to-use Ticketing and IT Asset Management Software

Web Help Desk

  • Manually managing service requests without help desk ticketing software can be a tedious process that’s also prone to error.

  • Don’t waste time responding to repetitive, run-of-the-mill questions.

  • Breaching your SLA could spell disaster for your business.

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