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Significantly reduce the time required to isolate and identify a bandwidth or network segment failure

  • Trace the network path

    Trace the route of a network path to diagnose response-time problems and isolate segment failures.

  • Display the domain names and response time for each hop

    Domain names of the hops in the communication path are displayed, as well as a detailed response-time analysis for each hop.

  • Real-time performance insight

    Utilizes ICMP to diagnose performance issues along a network path in real-time.

  • Additional SNMP data

    Includes information such as machine type, ISO level, and boot time on each device on a network path.

  • Diagnose a response-time problem

    Diagnose a problem between source and destination and see the detailed, real-time response at each point on the path.

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Easy access to 60+ network management tools, when you need them

Engineer's Toolset

  • Automatically discover network devices as well as map network topology.

  • Track device availability, memory utilization, CPU load, interface statistics, and performance & latency of network paths.

  • Quickly troubleshoot your network with enhanced ping capabilities and packet route tracing.

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