Capacity-planning tools help you plan resource utilization for your virtual environment


Virtual machine resource planning

View of VM capacity planning results

Virtual machine resource planning

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager has a capacity-planning feature that helps you predict CPU, memory, network, and storage needs for both Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere environments. Use current VM growth to view resource constraints to determine accurate hardware purchase needs. Model future server and hardware additions to see if your environment can scale to meet workload needs. View consumption trends to determine resource warning and outage dates. Customize the sample period's time frame to create individual capacity plans for peak or non-peak usage. Learn more

Run what-if modeling scenarios

Image of VM capacity planning with what-if modeling

Run what-if modeling scenarios

The capacity planning feature in Virtualization Manager allows you to run what-if modeling scenarios. Access existing virtual machines and host usage to see the effects of a host or multiple hosts going down. Use virtual machine monitor to help determine whether your virtual machine will run smoothly or not, and see the resources that could become bottleneck. You can also determine the effect of your environment if additional hosts or resources are added. Determine how to load balance your environment for better VM performance. Learn more

Optimize VM placement

Image of cluster resource overview

Optimize VM placement

Use the capacity-planning feature to determine the best location for VMs. Average resource by clusters compares cluster-by-cluster resource constraints, which helps you determine the ideal location for future workload placement. Scatterplot graphs show you current IOPS and latency for current VMs, giving you accurate storage expectations for future workloads. Learn more
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Without proper VM capacity planning, you can't plan and optimize future workloads