IT Change Management

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Change is inevitable! Organizations undergo changes to their policies and IT infrastructure all the time. Changes may arise from various factors, including moving to a new facility, hardware and software change, reporting structure/process change, change in technology, etc. IT change management is one of the key elements in IT service management (ITSM) that helps organizations ensure standardized processes and procedures are used at the times of change to minimize the impact of the change to the IT infrastructure. An efficient IT change management software provides customizable tools that allow you to create, assess, approve, and implement changes to your IT environment.

Benefits of IT change management

Some key advantages of having effective IT change management are as follows:

  • To help you prepare well in advance and define your plans
  • To improve IT services alignment towards business plans and goals
  • To enhance risk assessment capabilities
  • To reduce the impact of the change in day-to-day business activities
  • To improve employee productivity and service quality

Simple and powerful change management

IT change management software

Simple and powerful change management

Web Help Desk is a comprehensive IT help desk software that delivers simplicity and automation for managing and controlling change requests. It lets IT pros manage change control through automated process workflows. Track and automate your workflows with rule-based approvals and voting functionality, ensuring timely communication and service fulfillment.

  • Associate service request types with approval and change processes
  • Allow your end-users to select required approver(s)
  • Allow approval or denial of requests through the IT help desk Web interface and email
  • Automate prompt communication with approvers and help desk clients on the status of ticket approval
  • Auto-assign service requests to IT technicians once the required approval is made.
  • Institute panel voting with members of a Change Advisory Board (CAB).

Automate change request approval with panel voting

Automate change request approval with panel voting

Web Help Desk automates change management processes and approval workflows allowing you to associate request approvals with service requests, even at the time of creating help desk tickets. You can add panel voting for change requests by creating a list of Change Advisory Board (CAB) members and selecting approval levels.

  • Designate CAB members and select approval levels
  • Panel voting results determine automatic approval or rejection of service requests
  • Approving managers and CABs can be chosen dynamically based on the requester's location, department, and type of request
  • Approval processes can be simple or complex as needed, from a one-step sign off to multiple levels of succession.
  • Configure panel voting even for single-step approval

An affordable help desk with built-in IT change management

Web Help Desk

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