Patrick Hubbard

Head Geek

Patrick Hubbard is a Head Geek and Principal Technical Evangelist at SolarWinds. With over 20 years of hands-on experience spanning software development, operations, applications, networks, virtualization, cloud, and more, Hubbard’s passion is delivering services that delight, not just satisfy users. Today he’s helping enterprise and cloud-native teams move past DevOps hype and rationally integrate real development and operations techniques that move businesses forward.

Since joining SolarWinds in 2007, Hubbard has combined his technical expertise with IT customer perspective to drive product strategy, launch the Head Geeks and SolarWinds Certified Professional® programs, and create the SolarWinds online demo platform. Patrick also helms SolarWinds THWACKcamp and won a Tellys Award® as the executive producer and head writer of SolarWinds Lab. With code in SolarWinds products and regular application of emerging technologies, Hubbard is a frequent blogger and invited speaker for cloud, DevOps, IT, security, data center, and networking conferences.