Be an IT DEFENDER with our
  • A must-have bundle to help you monitor network traffic and bandwidth
  • Capture and analyze up to 60 minutes of NetFlow, JFlow or sFlow® data
  • Identify traffic by conversation, application, domain, endpoint or protocol
  • Monitor, analyze and display real time interface bandwidth usage
  • Receive alerts when critical thresholds are exceeded

Achieve instantaneous visibility into user and group permissions. Get a complete hierarchical view of the effective permissions and access rights for a specific file folder (NTFS) or share drive.

  • Easily see what permissions a user has for an object and why
  • Browse permissions by group or individual user
  • Analyze permissions based on membership combined with specific permissions

View, consolidate, and dismiss event logs and correlate issues across multiple systems

  • Consolidate logs from up to five Windows® servers or workstations
  • Graph events over time to find patterns and troubleshoot issues
  • Send desktop alerts for specific events or export events to CSV

Free SQL tuning software for faster database performance

  • The only free response-time monitoring tool for your databases
  • No user limit, no agents and less than 1% load on monitored servers
  • Monitors databases on virtual and physical servers
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