VM Snapshot Management for VMware and Hyper-V

Monitor snapshot usage and delete unwanted snapshots to reclaim wasted virtual resources


Identify VMs by snapshot disk usage

Identify VMs by snapshot disk usage

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager has executive dashboards and reports that indicate the Top 10 VMs by total snapshot disk usage. VM admins can instantly identify the snapshots that are taking up disk storage space and impacting VM and host performance. Built-in management actions allow for immediate remediation. Administrators can delete one or a chain of snapshots from within Virtualization Manager without logging into VMware vCenter or Microsoft Hyper-V. Learn more

Report on snapshot usage

Display of repoting for vmware and hyper-v snapshots

Report on snapshot usage

Multiple built-in snapshot reports can be automated or run manually to keep you apprised of VM snapshot usage. Quickly report and be able to see any VM snapshots, VMs that have two or more snapshots, VMs that have over 2GB in snapshot size, VMs that are larger than 50GB, or snapshots that are over 30 days old. Proper snapshot management will allow your VMs to run optimally. Learn more

Optimize virtual machine performance

Optimize virtual machine performance

Unmanaged VM snapshots affect the performance of the VM in question, but also other VMs on the same storage or host. Virtualization Manager's built-in dashboards, management actions, and reports keep you apprised of storage usage by snapshots. By following best practices and maintaining minimal snapshots, you will be able to get the most out of your virtual environment. Learn more
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Excessive snapshots gobble up disk storage and limit VM performance