UNIX System Monitoring

Easily manage the performance of your UNIX farm and its infrastructure dependencies


Comprehensive UNIX monitoring and alerting

Comprehensive UNIX monitoring and alerting

Server & Application Monitor Unix performance monitoring provides out-of-the-box support to monitor UNIX in AIX, Solaris, and HP-UX environments. Monitor and get alerted when you will run out of CPU disk I/O and physical and virtual memory. Easily identify zombie processes and terminate them remotely. Get built-in performance metrics for CPU user time, system time, and idle time. You can also see metrics on kernal threads, run queue, disk operations/sec, total and user memory and swap, and page cache. Read more Learn more

Isolate server hardware issues impacting UNIX performance


Isolate server hardware issues impacting UNIX performance

Use Unix server monitoring from Server & Application Monitor to see the status and performance of your server hardware. See critical components such as fan speed, temperature, power supply, CPU, battery, hard drive status, etc., where UNIX is running. Monitor multi-vendor hardware for Dell PowerEdge, HP ProLiant, IBM eServer xSeries servers, Dell PowerEdge Blade, HP BladeSystem enclosures, Windows Server, and VMware vSphere hypervisor. Unix monitoring tools in Server & Application Monitor also let you report on hardware and software assets as well as alert on server hardware health and warranty expiration, OS, and VM resource usage. Read more Learn more

Single interface to monitor multiple platforms


Single interface to monitor multiple platforms

Get detailed visibility to troubleshoot dependencies affecting UNIX performance. View your IT environment to troubleshoot performance issues in the applications and the infrastructure that supports them. Server & Application Monitor provides built-in templates for 200+ applications, including Solaris, AIX, Windows, and VMware, and Linux performance monitoring. Map dependencies between infrastructure elements, and drill down for deep visibility and faster troubleshooting. Native integration with Virtualization Manager and Storage Resource Monitor simplifies diagnosis and analysis of UNIX server issues down to virtual and storage layers. Learn more
"SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor solves real world problems by assisting with monitoring and making strategic decisions. This is a great product for monitoring your application and server environment."
George Mason
Network Engineer
Cari-Med Limited

Troubleshoot UNIX performance issues faster

Server & Application Monitor

  • Détection automatique des applications et surveillance des serveurs.

  • Surveillez rapidement les performances et la disponibilité des services Microsoft Azure et Amazon AWS.

  • Les modèles disponibles fournissent les meilleures pratiques.

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