Simplify Day-to-Day Remote PC Access and IT Administration

A single, easy-to-use tool to remote access all your PCs inside and outside your corporate network


Multiple operating system support

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Multiple operating system support

Dameware Remote Support offers a built-in remote control and desktop sharing tool that remotely connects to Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux computers. It provides time-saving tools that include in-session chat, file transfer, print and screenshot capture for easy remote troubleshooting.

In addition to the native remote control protocol, you can also initiate remote sessions using RDP and VNC protocols.You can leverage built-in Intel vPro with AMT, Wake-on-LAN, and KVM support to gain access to computers that are powered off, sleeping, hibernating, or even crashed.
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Faster desktop connectivity and remote troubleshooting

Faster desktop connectivity and remote troubleshooting

Dameware Remote Support lets you troubleshoot computers remotely without even having to initiate remote control sessions. You can resolve issues faster and provide quicker end-user support using the following built-in system tools and remote administration capabilities:
  • Start, stop, and restart Windows services
  • Reboot Windows computers
  • View and stop Windows processes
  • View and clear Windows event logs
  • Run custom scripts
  • Edit and modify registries
  • Copy and delete files
  • Manage disks, shares, peripherals, and more
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Over-the-internet remote support and administration

Image of over-the-internet remote pc access software

Over-the-internet remote support and administration

Deployed in centralized mode, Dameware Remote Support allows you to remotely connect to computers outside the corporate firewall with the help of a secure internet proxy server. To establish a secure over-the-internet remote session to end-users traveling or working outside the network, you can easily send a remote connection link, which, when opened and accepted, will start the remote session. No VPN is required to connect to computers outside the firewall. You can also initiate attended and unattended remote sessions over the internet in just a few clicks. Learn more Read more

One-click remote access from help desk tickets

Display of remote pc access for help desk tickets

One-click remote access from help desk tickets

Dameware Remote Support integrates with SolarWinds Web Help Desk for enhanced and accelerated IT support and service request fulfilment. Leveraging this integration, you can initiate a single-click remote desktop session with computers from help desk tickets and IT asset inventory. This integration also allows you to easily export asset information from Dameware Remote Support and import it to Web Help Desk. Using this powerful remote support and help desk combo helps you improve the efficiency of your overall IT service resolution process. Learn more
"We use Dameware to support 3,200 users. Dameware is well worth the price to fix problems in multiple locations."
Warren Bankson
Chief Security Officer
Arkansas Department of Correction

Faster remote PC access and system administration

Dameware Remote Support

  • Parfois, s’attaquer à la base d’un problème informatique implique de se rendre directement à sa source.

  • Les problèmes informatiques sont sans limites, alors pourquoi la possibilité de les résoudre devrait-elle être uniquement réservée aux machines présentes sur le réseau ?

  • Les administrateurs informatiques sont déjà suffisamment occupés pour leur rajouter des appels internes de dépannage informatique.

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