Office 365 Monitoring

Easily monitor your Microsoft Office 365 Exchange environment

Monitor, track, and report on Office 365 service health and Exchange statistics


Monitor Microsoft Office 365 Exchange accounts

Monitor Microsoft Office 365 Exchange accounts

SolarWinds® provides custom monitoring templates for your Microsoft Office 365 Exchange accounts and admin portal information. Check, track, and report on Office 365 user/shared mailbox growth, users over quota, archived mailboxes, inactive mailboxes, mobile device, mailbox groups, and more. Historical growth charts and reports allow you to get in front of potential issues before they impact users. Learn More

Report on Office 365 uptime and availability

Report on Office 365 uptime and availability

Generate executive SLA reports for Office 365 stakeholders. Moving email to Office 365 should improve availability, and continuously monitoring your portal account and subscriptions allows you to quickly see availability over time. Monitor and report on the status and availability of your Office 365 portal, subscription, and security statistic. Learn More

Monitor email migrations

Monitor email migrations

As more organizations move email to Office 365, tracking whose email is where and their size is critical to a successful migration. Monitor your on-premises Exchange server in the same console as your Office 365, allowing you quickly troubleshoot email issues regardless of where they may reside. Learn More

Monitor your Office 365 Exchange environment today

Server & Application Monitor

  • Découverte automatique des applications et mappage des dépendances.

  • Surveillez rapidement les performances et la disponibilité des infrastructures Microsoft Azure et Amazon AWS.

  • Les modèles disponibles fournissent les meilleures pratiques.

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What is application monitoring?
Application monitoring is the collection, correlation, analysis, display, and reporting of application-specific and system data to diagnose and fix problems, optimize performance, and help ensure the efficient use of resources.