Protect your network from emerging cyberthreats with continuous monitoring

Track endpoint devices and config changes, detect suspicious activity, and manage software patches


Detect and block network security threats in real-time


Detect and block network security threats in real-time

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager is an essential network security monitor tool that helps detect, alert, and counter suspicious behavior in real-time.
  • Central collection of logs from boundary/endpoint devices, systems, and applications
  • Event correlation for instant detection of unauthorized or suspicious activity or network traffic
  • Real-time remediation: blocking IPs, changing privileges, disabling accounts, blocking devices, or killing applications. Also includes File Integrity Monitoring, SQL Auditor, threat intelligence, and more.
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Manage device configurations and track changes


Manage device configurations and track changes

Automatically manage network configurations for all your managed network devices (routers, switches, firewalls, etc.) with SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager. Push bulk configuration changes to thousands of network devices, and track unauthorized or erroneous changes. Quickly recover from failures by restoring known good configurations. Use change management to identify what changed inside a config file and when with side-by-side comparisons, highlighting the changed fields. Demonstrate compliance and pass audits with built-in, industry-standard reports for network security management.
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Automate software updates to servers and workstations


Automate software updates to servers and workstations

Publish critical software updates across servers and workstations in your network with SolarWinds Patch Manager. Extend your existing WSUS and SCCM for on-demand Microsoft and third-party patching without SCUP complications. Reduce network security risks by controlling and automating software patch deployment. Intuitive dashboard and built-in comprehensive reports to determine patch statuses, vulnerable systems, and unpatched software.
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Simplify endpoint device tracking and switch port usage


Simplify endpoint device tracking and switch port usage

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)-friendly IT environment or not, SolarWinds User Device Tracker is a must-have network security tool that improves your IT security by detecting and tracking user and endpoint devices. Identify which switch ports are in use, and determine which ports are available in different VLANs. If you suspect a virus or malicious activity with a specific endpoint device or user, you can pinpoint where the device or user is connected by doing a simple search by host name, IP/MAC address, or username. You can also extend this by looking into past connection activities of the suspected device or user.
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Included Network Security Tools

Log & Event Manager

Logiciel de gestion des journaux à des fins de sécurité, de conformité et de dépannage

  • Production de rapports de conformité simple et rapide
  • Corrélation d’événements en temps réel
  • Résolution des problèmes en temps réel
À partir de : $4,495
Network Configuration Manager

Gestion automatique de la configuration réseau et de la conformité

  • Automatisation des réseaux
  • Conformité du réseau
  • Sauvegarde des configurations
À partir de : $2,845
Patch Manager

Logiciel de gestion des correctifs intuitif pour traiter rapidement les vulnérabilités logicielles

  • Gestion des correctifs Microsoft WSUS
  • Intégrations à SCCM
  • Gestion des vulnérabilités
À partir de : $3,617
User Device Tracker

Localisez les utilisateurs et les périphériques de votre réseau avec User Device Tracker

  • Repérez rapidement les périphériques réseau
  • Cartographiez et surveillez les protocoles WAP, les commutateurs et les ports
  • Gestion de la capacité de commutation et des ports de commutation
À partir de : $1,895

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