Intuitive JVM Monitor to Track Java Application Performance

JVM monitor detects Java application performance bottlenecks and can help optimize performance metrics


Track KPIs for multi-vendor JVM servers in one place

Track KPIs for multi-vendor JVM servers in one place

SolarWinds® Server & Application Manager, JVM monitor, is built to help you centrally manage multiple Java application servers, such as WebLogic, IBM Websphere, JBoss, Oracle, and more using protocols like JMX and SNMP. SolarWinds SAM provides JVM monitoring tools that can help you effectively monitor key performance indicators like memory heap size, the number of database classes loaded, pool size, threads count, and application uptime in real time so you can identify potential issues before they happen. With this added proactiveness, SAM is designed to help you maximize the uptime of your servers and maintain business continuity.
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Discover database and infrastructure issues faster

Discover database and infrastructure issues faster

Monitor JVM with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor to identify the database and physical infrastructure issues that could be hampering the performance of your Java applications. SAM lets you easily track performance metrics for ODBC databases such as Oracle, MongoDB, MySQL, SQL server, and more to support faster troubleshooting. Along with JVM monitoring, Server & Application Monitor also helps you monitor server hardware performance and operating system health to help ensure better overall application performance.
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Troubleshoot web service and API issues in real time

Troubleshoot web service and API issues in real time

Java applications can use web services or APIs like JSON as protocols for exchanging information, and these communications can sometimes directly affect application performance. With SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, you can easily inspect and manage the availability as well as latency of web services and APIs at all times. SolarWinds SAM is designed to monitor the health of your web services and web APIs, so you can avoid any adverse impact on application performance and user experience. SAM also supports monitoring custom applications to provide fuller visibility into the health of all your applications.
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Easily monitor application performance with an effective JVM monitor

Server & Application Monitor

  • Détection automatique des applications et surveillance des serveurs.

  • Surveillez rapidement les performances et la disponibilité des services Microsoft Azure et Amazon AWS.

  • Les modèles disponibles fournissent les meilleures pratiques.

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Traditional JVM monitoring tools pose critical challenges for the IT team
What is a JVM monitor?
JVM monitors help in inspecting various metrics like memory usage, threads, and classes to quickly identify and troubleshoot any issues that may be hampering Java application performance.