Optimize Cyberthreat Prevention to Strengthen your Network Security

Preempt security threats and vulnerabilities with an intelligent and intuitive threat prevention solution


Get advanced threat intelligence in one place

Get advanced threat intelligence in one place

SolarWinds® Security Event Manager is built to support IT teams in making well-informed threat prevention decisions by providing continuously updated threat intelligence. Security Event Manager’s advanced log analysis capabilities collects all your log file data into a centralized location, so you get a unified, normalized view to conduct comprehensive threat analysis. You can also use the high-speed log search functionality to conduct post-incident forensic log analysis to help you better understand the nature of the attacks or vulnerability to prevent future threats.

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Automate analysis to qualify and quantify threats

Automate analysis to qualify and quantify threats

A unified and intuitive view of logs from multiple systems across your network facilitates quick analysis to pinpoint critical issues. Security Event Manager is built to automate analysis and provides an interactive summary of the amount and types of attacks across your on-premises environments. The near real-time cyberthreat monitoring data is designed to give you visibility across the network, so you can create better network policies and automated, intelligent incident responses.
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Counter potential cyberthreats with automated responses

Counter potential cyberthreats with automated responses

Security Event Monitor helps simplify cyberthreat prevention and remediation by enhancing the productivity of IT operations teams with automated intelligent responses to handle security incidents. Active response capabilities include easy-to-configure incident responses initiated immediately once a security issue is discovered, like restricting suspicious events and activities, so you can avoid further escalations. Security Event Manager also lets you automate multi-conditional, cross-correlated alarms to notify whenever a security event crosses a user-configured threshold.
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Advanced Threat Prevention to Detect and Respond to Security Risks

Security Event Manager

  • Unify and extract actionable intelligence from all your logs in real time.

  • Expedite threat response against malicious IPs, accounts, applications, and more.

  • Get out-of-the-box compliance reporting for HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, ISO, and more.

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Traditional Security Threat Prevention Tools Can Fail in an Ever-Evolving Threat Landscape
What is threat prevention?
Threat prevention is a proactive approach to identify, analyze, and prevent potential security threats in near real-time to enable a robust IT network.