Quickly get to the root cause of poor end-user experience or network traffic anomalies


Determine if it is the application or the network

Determine if it is the application or the network

Sniff packet data and calculate network and application response time to determine if end-user quality of experience is impacted by the network or the application. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor's packet sniffer software provides a Quality of Experience dashboard that features a quick-glance summary of a variety of network and application performance metrics

Analyze packets using a SPAN/mirror port and a dedicated software sensor installed on server or by deploying a sensor directly on an application server.

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Identify traffic by application

Identify traffic by application

Analyze and identify network traffic by sniffing and analyzing packets. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor's packet sniffing software identifies over 1,200 applications, calculates application and network response time, data volume, transactions, and categorizes traffic into types, volumes, classification, and risk.
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See how much data is traversing your network

See how much data is traversing your network

Unusual spikes in traffic may be an indicator of a security breach. With SolarWinds network monitoring software's software packet sniffer, you can analyze packets to quantify and display data volume and transaction volume by application.
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Resolve network and application issues

Network Performance Monitor

  • Gestion complète des performances et de la surveillance des défaillances de votre réseau.

  • Remontez à la cause première plus rapidement grâce à des alertes réseau intelligentes et liées à la topologie et à la dépendance.

  • Analyse point par point des applications ou services sur site ou dans le Cloud.

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Is it the application or the network impacting users? Dig deep now with packet sniffing.
What is a Packet Sniffer?
A packet sniffer is a type of network sniffer tool that intercepts, logs, and analyzes network traffic. By analyzing the header and payload, one can identify, classify, and troubleshoot traffic by application type, source, and destination.