With the link analysis tools in NetPath™, you can view the complete path from source to destination.


Easier troubleshooting

Easier troubleshooting

If you have services or applications that live outside your network, you know how difficult it is to troubleshoot issues that occur in the cloud. NetPath, a key feature in Network Performance Monitor, can provide website link analysis to make it easy to spot slowdowns between a source and destination. Simply create a new service, and let NetPath monitor your critical paths.
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Increased network visibility

Increased network visibility

You need insight into the performance of your network paths and devices, whether you are in a hybrid network environment or relying on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. NetPath provides deep visibility into internet paths with link analysis software, allowing you to look inside the cloud and see exactly where the problem is, and who to contact to correct it.

With historical data, you can use NetPath to see what was going on at the time of an outage that occurred yesterday. Network troubleshooting has never been faster or easier.
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Better app and service availability

Better app and service availability

Specify the destination and the source, and in just a few minutes, NetPath will map applications and service performance to the network infrastructure on which they depend. Add branch offices, and configure the most important services, like Salesforce, Exchange, or any other.

TCP-based service allow you to focus on your network’s real purpose: connecting users to apps and services.
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"In the first week, we used NetPath to narrow down where a problem came from. It worked awesomely!"
David Asher
Network Administrator
Project Mutual Telephone Company

See your network paths on-premises and in the cloud

Network Performance Monitor

  • Gestion complète des performances et de la surveillance des défaillances de votre réseau.

  • Remontez à la cause première plus rapidement grâce à des alertes réseau intelligentes et liées à la topologie et à la dépendance.

  • Analyse point par point des applications ou services sur site ou dans le Cloud.

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