What’s New in Access Rights Manager

NEW in v9.1! January 15, 2019

Expanded Office 365 Support and More


Azure Active Directory Support

SolarWinds® ARM now provides the ability to see and change permissions within Azure Active Directory. By extending ARM to Azure-based Active Directory deployments, organizations directly leveraging Azure or adopting hybrid environments can now utilize ARM to get better visibility and control over both.


OneDrive Support

SolarWinds ARM has been extended to include permissions visibility and change for Microsoft OneDrive, complementing the existing access rights permission visibility with Active Directory, Exchange, and file servers. Gain visibility into key areas, such as externally shared files via employees, and internally shared files and directories.


SAP R/3 Support

With this release, SolarWinds ARM introduces support for SAP R/3, allowing you to search for security-critical transaction codes, find authorization paths, and recognize multiple authorizations. See which Active Directory users are assigned to each SAP account through the Access Rights Manager interface.

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