Application Stack Management: Pinpoint the Root Cause of Application Problems in Seconds

Get visibility across your systems environment

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Highlight all relevant elements across the application stack

Highlight all relevant elements across the application stack

Discover and troubleshoot application issues like never before. The AppStack dashboard shows you all performance information across the application stack with relationships between various elements of your environment.

Consolidated monitoring insights

Consolidated monitoring insights

Consolidate data generated by your multi-vendor infrastructure under control with a unified application stack management dashboard and automated infrastructure mappping software that provides deep insight in a single pane of glass.

Pinpoint the root cause

Pinpoint the root cause

With the AppStack dashboard, you can quickly pinpoint the root cause of application issues within physical and virtual server environments. Choose any application or infrastructure and display the status of connected applications and infrastructure.

Monitor applications no matter where they are deployed


Monitor applications no matter where they are deployed

Provide end-to-end visibility with server and application performance monitoring using agent and agentless technology. Monitor across multiple data centers, remote locations, or the cloud (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc.).
If a network guy is pointing a finger to a virtualization or a storage person, we can now integrate all of those products together in one dashboard (AppStack) and understand what’s happening in each of them.
Kasey Kollar
Program Director of Technology
Bucks County Intermediate

Try AppStack analysis dashboard now included in these products:

Server & Application Monitor

Software completo de monitoreo de servidores simplificado

Desde $2,995
Virtualization Manager

Monitoreo de máquinas virtuales diseñado para optimizar el desempeño y reparar problemas en minutos

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Storage Resource Monitor

Software de administración del almacenamiento con monitoreo de desempeño de varios proveedores integrado

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Web Performance Monitor

Software de monitoreo de sitios web diseñado para detectar y solucionar problemas de desempeño internos y externos de aplicaciones y sitios

Desde $1,995
Database Performance Analyzer

Software de administración de bases de datos diseñado para monitoreo, análisis y ajuste del desempeño de las consultas SQL.

Desde $2,045

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Systems Management Bundle

  • Asignación automatizada de infraestructuras y aplicaciones

  • Información detallada de desempeño para detectar y solucionar los problemas con un clic

  • Resuelva los problemas de desempeño desde la consola web

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