Visualize the full network path from source to destination with cloud monitoring from NetPath™

  • Troubleshoot faster

    Measure the performance of network nodes and links to spot slowdowns faster.

  • See the full network

    View the hop-by-hop path from source to destination, even outside your network.

  • Connect your users

    NetPath provides breakthrough visibility into internet paths so you can see inside the cloud.

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Troubleshoot faster

Troubleshoot faster

Once traffic leaves your network to traverse the internet, it's very challenging to troubleshoot. The new NetPath feature in Network Performance Monitor (NPM) measures the performance characteristics of each network node and link, making it easy to spot slowdowns. Simply create a new service, and the cloud monitoring tools in NPM will automatically probe for paths and performance.
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See the full network

See the full network

You need visibility into cloud server monitoring performance of network paths and devices that you have no control over, whether you are in a hybrid IT environment or using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. NetPath is able to answer how to monitor cloud services controlled by third parties, giving you unprecedented visibility into internet paths and that allow you to look inside the cloud.

With NetPath monitoring your services, you can see what caused an outage yesterday, even if everything is back online today. Network troubleshooting has never been faster or easier.
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Connect your users

Connect your users

Whether it's branch offices or critical services like Salesforce or Exchange, NetPath will map application and service performance to the network infrastructure on which they depend, so you can get back to your network’s real purpose: connecting users to apps and services.
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"The NetPath feature solves our problem with regards to tracing the network bottleneck."
Alvin Joseph Lacambra
Senior Network Administrator
Primer Group of Companies

See your network paths on-premises and into the cloud

Network Performance Monitor

  • Monitoreo de fallas y administración del desempeño integrales para su red.

  • Llegue a la causa raíz más rápidamente con alertas de red inteligentes basadas en dependencias y topología.

  • Análisis hop-by-hop de aplicaciones y servicios en la nube o servidores locales.

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It's difficult to monitor and troubleshoot business services that have moved to the cloud.