Time is of utmost importance to customer service teams and it should be used optimally and productively to make the best use of resources for IT support. Customer support teams and IT departments in general spend a lot of time managing service requests while they should be spending the majority of their time ensuring service requests are fulfilled. Customer support software such as a help desk solution enables you to simplify and automate service request management, thus giving back significant time for actual IT support.

Benefits of Customer Service Software

Benefits of Customer Service Software

Customer service software provides a central ticketing system that acts as the interface for end-users to log tickets and IT technicians to receive and manage tickets. With built-in process automation to cut down repetitive tasks associated with incident management, IT asset management, change management, etc., customer support software delivers the following benefits to IT teams:

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Cut down costs of having more resources and expensive solutions
  • Manual effort savings with the help of automation
  • Lowered time-to-resolution of support tickets
  • Easier task and process management
  • Improved customer satisfaction
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How Customer Service Software Will Help

How Customer Service Software Will Help

Customer service software is an end-user- and IT technician-friendly help desk system that allows logging, assigning, tracking, and alerting and reporting on tickets to be done with simplicity and efficiency. By ensuring the complexity of managing service requests is eliminated, IT teams can be faster and operationally more effective in providing customer support.

SolarWinds® Web Help Desk® is an extremely affordable customer support software that delivers:

  • Simplified and streamlined ticketing management—from ticket creation to resolution
  • Automated IT asset discovery, tracking and reporting
  • Flexible and extensible knowledge base for providing customer self-help options
  • Customizable change approval workflows
  • Intuitive reporting dashboards to monitor technician performance and track ticket status
  • Built-in survey engine to invite customer feedback and evaluate customer satisfaction
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Easy-to-use Customer Service Software Manage and track trouble tickets from

Web Help Desk

  • Gestionar manualmente las solicitudes de servicio sin software de creación de tickets del servicio de ayuda puede ser un proceso largo proclive a errores.

  • No pierda el tiempo respondiendo a preguntas repetitivas y corrientes.

  • Incumplir su acuerdo de nivel de servicio puede suponer un desastre para su negocio.

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