Patrick Hubbard

The IT Management Geek

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Leon Adato

The Network Management Geek

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Thomas LaRock

The Database Management Geek

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Destiny Bertucci

The Network Monitoring Head Geek

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Head Geeks

SolarWinds Head Geeks bring over 120 collective years of real-world expertise and renowned industry credentials to provide the IT pro community with perspectives, advice, and discussion on the latest trends and challenges in technology.

The Head Geeks are experts in all areas of IT, including cloud, DevOps, enterprise, core IT, security, networking, database, virtualization, and more.

Our Head Geeks engage with IT pros on THWACK®, SolarWinds community forum; on the Geek Speak blog; in-person at events including conferences, trade shows, and SolarWinds User Groups; and in monthly SolarWinds Lab sessions, where they provide advanced technical training. They also participate regularly on various IT forums, including®,, Stack Overflow®, and Spiceworks®.